A terror investigation has been launched against the 1HaberVar online news platform, established by the journalists from the radio and TV stations that the government closed as part of its post-coup emergency measures.

Media reported on Tuesday that Diyarbakir’s Public Prosecutor’s Office filed an investigation against the media platform on charges of making propaganda on behalf of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) via press.

The charges were backed up by remarks of some commentators interviewed by the 1HaberVar. The prosecutor claimed that reports on some hunger striking prisoners were aimed at propagandizing for PKK. Commentators’ use of the word Kurdistan was also found supportive of PKK, media said.

Ibrahim Arslan, an editor from the 1HaberVar said the investigation targets the editorial work produced by their media outlet. “Our video recordings and articles were included in the investigation. …Officials from the [pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party’s (HDP)] made a statement about their the party’s jailed co-chair Figen Yuksekdag. This was also considered as an offense since Yuksekdag was earlier sentenced on charges of membership to a terror group.”

Turkish government has shut down some 180 media outlets and jailed 308 journalists as part of its post-coup crackdown against dissident voices.

Journalists from 12 mostly pro-Kurdish news outlets that were shuttered in the crackdown –Azadi TV, Özgur Gun TV, Jiyan TV, Van TV, Dogu Radyo, Gun Radyo, Ozgur Radyo, Radyo Rengin, Radyo Karacadag, Radyo Ozgur Gunes, Radyo Ses, Radyo Dunya– established 1HaberVar in December 2016.