Fevzi Yazıcı, a former designer for the now-defunct Zaman newspaper and a member of the US-based International Society for News Design (SND) who was jailed as part of the Turkish government’s post-coup crackdown on the media, said in a letter to his colleagues that he is longing for drawings.

“As you might be aware, one of SND’s longtime members, Fevzi Yazici, was imprisoned last year. …He is one of 30 Zaman journalists facing life sentences for alleged links to the coup. Fevzi attended many SND workshops – most recently SND San Francisco where he spoke at the closing banquet about the issues facing his country, which imprisons more journalists than any other nation. …Fevzi was allowed to meet with his wife recently, and wanted to pass along a few words to the SND community,” SND said in a post followed by Yazici’s letter on Oct 27.

Yazici is expected to appear before the court in charge on Nov. 13.

“Dear friends…

“I’m calling you from a shrunken small world. I realize and miss everything little thing I took for granted… I am here in prison because of a crime I am accused of that I didn’t do or take part in. I am really having a difficult time to the find words to tell you the situation I am in. Thick walls were built between me and life! Almost I cannot breathe… I missed my family, my two sons, I missed my friends, I missed drawing and designing, I mean I missed my life that was taken away from me unexpectedly one morning suddenly.

“But through all that struggle I am sending this message with feelings of peace that I am innocent! And I am living a life by the longing to meet you again, sooner rather than later.

“My country is passing through hard days and I believe the solution will come from above. It gives me great comfort to know that even these horrific days will pass and in the near future especially for my two sons, they will be honored by their dad and even my country, too.

“SND has an important part in my life. For years I was honored to have work there representing my country. I am hopeful that when I get my freedom, I will work more determinedly for design, for the country, for the world to make it better through this experience.

“Thank you for all your support and prayers… hope to see you soon.

“– Fevzi.”