Fevzi Yazıcı, the former art director of now-closed Zaman daily, has released a cartoon composed of his own drawings featuring a day of his life in prison.

Titled “the Paperman,” Yazıcı’s cartoon was created by using what has been described as a “thousands of spots technique,” which he uses to make detailed transitions from white to black.

Yazıcı, who used to work for the now-closed Zaman daily, has been behind bars since August 2016 on terrorism and coup charges.

Along with five other journalists, he was given an aggravated life sentence in February 2018 on charges of attempting to overturn the constitutional order.

A member of the Society for News Design, Yazıcı has earned more than 100 awards for his newspaper layouts and designs since 2003.

Parallel to his lauded visual journalism, Yazıcı has nurtured an extensive drawing practice over the past two decades. Yazıcı’s whimsical, yet puzzling drawings often imagine dream-like spaces and worlds with attenuated, wriggling figures and address themes related to transformation, emancipation and psychological states, according to information on the website of the Yeh Art Gallery.