An imprisoned mum-to-be has passed away along with his unborn baby as the woman was denied on-time access to hospital, according to a tip-off shared by the rights advocate Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu on Nov 5.

“I have been released only after 11 months [in prison] now. I was staying at Eregli T-Type Prison in Konya. The following incident took place over there: The wife of a dormitory manager was arrested though she was pregnant. She repeatedly told the prison management that she was not feeling [any move from] the baby. However, they did not let her go to hospital. When she ultimately fainted, they hit the road to take her to the Eregli State Hospital first and to Konya in an ambulance. Just 50 kilometers away from the hospital in Konya, the woman passed away on the way. The babied had earlier died and poisoned its mother. Details were reported by the wife of a fellow friend who used to stay in the same holding cell with the deceased woman. They want to cover up this. Do not let them,” Gergerlioglu posted the screenshot of the tip-off on his Twitter account.

“I hope you may deliver a statement about this horrific allegation. These news from prisons are creepy…! @adalet_bakanlik” Gergerlioglu called on Justice ministry to examine the issue, in the same tweet.

Turkey Purge has yet to confirm either authenticity of the tip-off or the details regarding the case.

At least 669 children aged between 0 to 6 have been put behind bars in Turkey since a failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016 as the government arrested their parents over broadened terror charges and there was no one left to look after for those minors outside prison.

On many occasions, pregnant women were jailed as well.