A group of police officers mopped the floor with a Turkish journalist covering protests against the dismissal of 330 academics from universities by a government decree issued on Tuesday night.

A man, who is believed to be a journalist given a permanent press card pinned on his shirt, was reportedly hospitalized after he was dragged on the floor for meters and beaten up by a group of police officers on the campus of Ankara University on Friday.

The attack was filmed as a crowd watched.

The footage shows the moment the journalist was caught in the midst of the protests and dragged, beaten and assaulted even though he tried to explain he was only covering the demonstration.

Police used pressurized water and pepper spray to disperse a group of people including academics who gathered at Ankara University, where 72 academics were removed from their posts by the Turkish government.

The intervention started when the crowd wanted to enter the Cebeci campus of Ankara University’s political science faculty.