Journalist Mete Cem Bahtiyar was arrested pending trial over terror charges, according to Ozguruz online news portal.

Detained following a police raid at his home in Balikesir’s Bandirma district, Bahtiyar was put in pretrial detention on Jan 31, Ozguruz said Wednesday. Police seized his computer, cellphone, and books including one by Noam Chomsky.

Bahtiyar is accused of making propaganda on behalf of a terror group with his social media posts and news articles, published by Birgun daily.

“I used to work as a reporter for Birgun daily. [The evidence] for the accusations against me are the postings from the mentioned sources. I did not make propaganda for any terror organization and I don’t have membership to any group. I have not been actively working as a journalist for the past 3 years either,” Bahtiyar told during the court overseeing his case.

Turkey has jailed some 330 journalists since a failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016 with some of them later released or cleared of charges.