Yusuf Karataş, a columnist at Evrensel daily newspaper, was put in pre-trial arrest as part of an investigation into the Democratic People’s Congress (DTK), the largest political forum gathering held by Kurdish non-governmental organizations in the recent past.

Diyarbakır 1. Criminal Judicature of Peace arrested Karataş for attending DTK’s gatherings and sent him to Diyarbakır D Type prison.

Tugay Bek, a lawyer representing Karataş said the investigation in question was carried out in between 2009 and 2013.

“With no such measure was taken since then, the current decisions to jail Yusuf Karataş and other DTK activists shows that the investigation was reconsidered with political motives,” he said adding that even the presidential adviser Cemil Ertem attended some of DTK’s gathering in the past.

DTK lays out main principles of Kurdish demand for self-rule in Turkey’s southeast.

Turkey has arrested more than 275 journalists over the past year, of which more than 150 still remain in prison.