Halil Kasan, a 21-year-old Kurdish youngster, committed suicide in İstanbul’s Silivri prison in protest of systematic torture and ill-treatment committed by prison officials, the SOL newspaper reported.

According to the report, Kasan was initially arrested by the Turkish authorities at age of 14 and has been in pre-trial detention ever since over alleged “terror” links.

The newspaper also reported that Kasan, in one of his recent phone conversations with his family, said that Kurdish inmates were being encouraged to commit suicide by prison guards who systematically commit a series of human rights violations and crimes against detainees at the prison.

It is also reported that in addition to Kasan, another Kurdish inmate whose name is yet not identified, also died on Monday at Silivri prison.

Since a failed coup attempt in 2016, there have been many cases of people who died in jail, some suspiciously, because they were denied crucial treatment or subjected to maltreatment or acts of torture. So far, at least 106 people died in Turkish prisons since July 2016, the Bold news portal reported.