O.G., a lawyer representing his colleague D.U. who was earlier detained for his/her alleged use of mobile app ByLock, was taken into custody over same charges.

ByLock is a smartphone application that Turkish authorities claim to be the top communication tool among followers of the Gülen movement which the government accuses of masterminding the July 15, 2016 coup attempt.

At least 190 people have been detained as part of an Ankara-based investigation into the movement as of late May 5.

D.U. stopped by Ankara Police Headquarters to accompany one of his/her clients, who was detained in May 5 operation. Upon his allegedly suspicious behaviours, police interrogated D.U. as well and detained him after finding out that he uses ByLock, state-run Anadolu Agency.

Police detained the second lawyer, known by initials O.G., who arrived in the police station for D.U., for allegedly using ByLock, as well.

At least 120,000 people have been detained over their alleged or real ties to the movement since July 15 coup attempt.