“I was 14-month-old when my father was gone,” reads a piece of paper that was handed over to a child, who was left without a dad due to government’s unabated post-coup crackdown.

While the details about the charges raised against his father are yet to be known, the boy is likely to be among thousands of other children who have had their parents arrested on trumped-up accusations.

“I was 14 months old when my father was gone. He has been unfairly behind bars. I WANT TO GROW UP WITH MY FATHER!!!”

The child is not first to come up with such powerful message with some other children also posed with similar texts.

Pictures of the children were first shared by @magdurmesajlari Twitter account before going viral on on the social media platform


My father wouldn’t hurt a fly. I miss him so much. Enough is enough, give us my father. It’s been 6 months. Please may he come back.


               …Please give my father back…


If I was given a chance, I would explain to world that he is not guilty. I miss my dad so much…