Amnesty International’s (AI) local branch in UK’s Kirklees distict launched a photo exhibition in solidarity with whom it called Turkey’s silenced voices, on Sept 29.

“The pews of the town Centre Church will be filled with photographs and information relating to those journalists who have been detained in a clampdown by the Turkish state following the attempted coup there,” the AI Kirklees’ announcement said.

“We want people to come into the church to see the photographs and help by writing a short message of support to a detained journalist on one of our post cards, and we will send it to them on your behalf,” the announcement added.

The exhibition, open to visitors in the Huddersfield Parish Church between Sept 29 to 30, showcases the photographs of Turkish journalists and human rights advocates in jail as well as those of some journalists in exile facing outstanding arrest warrants back home.

Turkey has arrested at least 302 journalists since the last year’s abortive coup, thanks to which the government has broadened terror charges under emergency rule. Turkey currently keeps some 185 of those journalists in jail as the remaining have been released pending trial.