Lieutenant Colonel Mehmet Alkan who criticized the government policies at his younger brother’s funeral is among those dismissed by the recent decree.

Criticizing the breakdown in the ceasefire between Turkish military and the outlawed PKK, Alkan said a year ago: “Those who used to be staunch supporters of resolution [in Kurdish issue] now back a full-fledged war.” Alkan’s mourning was reacted very harshly in pro-government circles back then while some accused him of abusing his grief stemmed from the decease of his brother who were killed in a PKK attack.

The government decree which has led to the dismissals of 51,000 civil servants from state institutions over their alleged links to the Gulen Movement, also included the discharge of Alkan.

The government pinned the blame for the July 15 bloody coup attempt on the movement.

“I have had no ties to the movement during my entire life. I have even not said hi to them. …Things have completely gone out of hand. They will definitely pay the price for it. …I will not die until I get a fair shake and see you perished. Fight until the end…God damn you,” Alkan wrote on his social media accounts following the decree.