A Turkish man who is reported to have worked for Alaattin Çakıcı, a former member of the ultra nationalist organization Grey Wolves and one of the leading mobs of the Turkish underworld, was made to wear a pink skirt and forced to shoot himself in the leg by the members of another mafia, according to a video posted by a Turkish twitter user.

“They made one of Alaatin Çakıcı’s men, Turgay Zaim, wear a skirt an forced him to shoot himself in the leg. We are now re-visiting the golden age of [Turkish] mafia in 1990s,” Taylan Kulaçoğlu, a twitter user and an activist teweeted on Thursday.

Alaattin Çakıcı is currently serving a prison sentence of 36 years and 10 months over the following crimes he had committed: For a contract to shoot the renowned Turkish journalist Hıncal Uluç, as he had written a newspaper column about him and his wife Uğur Kılıç he was about to divorce; For an organized crime in relation with the gunned assault on 26 March 2000 to the club local of Karagümrükspor in Istanbul; For murdering his ex-wife.