A Maltese court has released two Turkish asylum seekers who was sentenced to 6 months in prison last week over use of forged travel documents, TurkeyPurge editors have learned.

The asylum seekers were reportedly taken to the Bureau of Citizenship and immigration service in capital Valletta.

Two Turkish citizens named Rabia Yavuz, 27 and Muzekka Deneri, 29, who fled Turkey to avoid prosecution over trump-up terror charges, were sentenced to 6 months in prison  by a court in Malta last week over use of forged travel documents. They were reportedly caught by the Malta authorities while on a connecting flight to Belgium.

The two women said during the trial that they initially fled Turkey to Greece via unofficial means and stayed there for over 11 months at a refugee camp.

“However, we were delayed through complicated bureaucratic paperwork for 11 months. We eventually came to understand that it was impossible to seek refugee in Greece and thus decided to move to another country. However, my family is completely broke as I’m in prison in Malta, my wife is in Greece and my 4-year-old kid is placed at a children protection institution,” one of the woman said.