A Diyarbakır man was detained after he protested detentions of 22 high-school students who were also protesting the government’s purge of teachers over terrorism charges, on Monday.

Police failed to dispel a group of high-school students who gathered on Diyarbakır’s Şeyh Sait Square in protest of the government’s suspending of more than 4,500 teachers over terrorism charges; and detained 22 of them.

Police also detained a passerby who brawled with officers over detentions of the students.

Turkey has sacked nearly 30,000 teachers from civil service and suspended another 20,000 since the coup attempt, according to labor unions. Meanwhile, the government has detained more than 40,000 and arrested 24,000 over alleged links to the coup within the same period.

The detention period in Turkey has been increased to 30 days from three days by a government decree issued after the coup attempt.