Halil Aykul, a mechanical engineering professor and the former dean of the engineering faculty at Turkey’s Hitit University, was sentenced to 6 years, 10 months and 15 days in jail over terror charges.

Dismissed from his faculty job over his alleged links to the Gulen movement, professor Aykul was earlier arrested as part of a judicial investigation into the group, which the government blamed for the July 15, 2016 failed putsch.

The movement denies involvement however, more than 56,000 people including scores of journalists, academics, writers, businessmen and judges have already been jailed over Gulen links. The Turkish government considers Gulen movement a terrorist organization.

State-run Anadolu news agency reported on Thursday that Aykul appeared before a Corum court to plead not guilty during his final hearing.

The court in charge convicted him on charges of “establishing and leading a terrorist organization,” handing over 6 years, 10 months and 15 days of prison sentence.

Among Aykul’s expertise fields are biomechanics, composite materials and finite element method.