Police detained an Antalya-based housewife after failing to reach her husband who has being wanted for his former employment at International Antalya University.

The university has long been under investigation for its alleged ties to the Gülen movement, which the government accuses of masterminding the July 15 coup attempt.

A recent tip submitted to Turkey Purge has shed lights on another who found themselves facing tremendous difficulties after the government started a desperate crackdown on people for their real or suspected ties to the movement in the aftermath of July 15.

What follows is the full text of the letter submitted by woman’s husband known by initials, S.D., who is also an assistant professor.

“I worked as the general-secretary of the International Antalya University for long years before I was fired due to political pressure on the university [management]. All the pressure the government had been imposing on its critics turned into a witch hunt after the July 15 coup attempt. One day, police raided my home as part of one of the operations [targeting critics] when I wasn’t there. They turned the place upside down.

I was yet to decide on whether to turn myself in or not. When I saw torture allegations reported in written, broadcast and social media, I decided not to surrender myself. I have not stayed at my home since then.

My former colleagues were being subjected to torture, their families later told me. They were being held under poor conditions, in overcrowded holding cells. They were beaten, and tortured with iced water. The justice system that supposed to do justice had been obviously taken captive by bandits.

Later on, police raided my home for the second time. They stormed the house to mess everything up. After all these developments, the landlord asked us to leave the house. On top of all financial troubles and my unemployment, we had to move to another place.

For the third time, police raided my home, this time in its new location. As they failed to see me, they detained my wife, the mother of four, in front of our children.

My wife was just a housewife and her only fault was to be married to a man who has being wanted. The court arrested her. Our four children were left to fend for themselves. I can’t find any relative to look after them. Our oldest daughter, who is in her senior year at high school and who is supposed to be preparing for university entrance exams, is now unable to even go to school as she is looking after her siblings. My 4 and 7-year-old children started to wake up crying at midnights. I am told that they are asking for day and mom in tears. My 7-year-old boy started to pee his pants at nights.

I am desperate. We are all psychologically upside down. The justice is being held captive at the hands of those who can arrest a mother of four when they cannot reach out her husband.

Isn’t there anybody who would say stop to this persecution?