Turkish authorities are forcing Orhan İnandı to renounce his Kyrgyz citizenship in order to be able to deport him to Turkey to prosecute on alleged links to the Gulen group, İnandı’s wife, Reyhan İnandı tweeted.

Orhan İnandı, a Kyrgyz citizen of Turkish origin, is feared to have been abducted by the Turkish Intelligence in early June. While his whereabouts are still unknown, his family members say he is being held in a building housing the Turkish Embassy in Bishkek.

“Today marks the 29th day of my husband’s abduction. I believe he is still being held at the Turkish Embassy in Bishkek and is being forced to renounce his Kyrgyz citizenship. I’m worried about his health,” Reyhan İnanlı tweeted on Tuesday.

İnandı is accused by the Turkish authorities of having membership in the Gulen group, accused of masterminding a coup attempt in July 15, 2016. The group denies any involvement in the attempt.

According to Kyrgyz media outlets, İnandı has been living in Kyrgyzstan for over 20 years and had worked as a teacher at several elementary schools established by the Gulen members across the country.

Since 2016, tens of Turkish nationals were abducted and rendered to Turkey by the Turkish intelligence over alleged links to the Gülen group.