The ongoing purge of alleged coup plotters in Turkey’s armed forces has “degraded” Nato’s command operations, according to the alliance’s top general.

General Curtis Scaparrotti, Nato’s supreme allied commander in Europe, said during a meeting at the headquarters of the alliance in Brussels that Turkish gov’t has expelled officers who served well in Nato, Financial Times reported on Wednesday,

“These officers served well here in Nato . . . I had talented, capable people here and I’m taking a degradation on my staff for the skill, the expertise and the work that they produced,” the generals stated.

Turkish military is one of the largest within the alliance, with a strategic role on Nato’s borders with Syria, Iran and Iraq.

“Turkish army has an impact because it was largely very senior personnel and you lose a good deal of experience. So we are seeing a bit of degradation there and we are also having to build relationships with new leaders, Nato partners. That’s coming along fine but it is going to take some time,” Scaparrotti added.