Two new decress issued by the Turkish government on Sunday morning granted a whole scale immunity for all crimes, including murder, committed by civilians to supress a coup attempt on July 15, 2016 and “any event that is a continuation of it”.

According to the decrees, numbered  695 and 696, these civilians can no longer be held liable for any criminal or civil wrongdoings committed on the night of the coup attempt and the following weeks.

The Turkish government issued two new decrees numbered  695 and 696  under the post-coup state of emergency, which were published in the Official Gazette on Sunday morning. The decrees fired a total of 2,756 people, including 105 academics, from state institutions.

According to the Anadolu news agency report, in line with decree No. 695, the number of people purged and their institutions is as follows:

“637 from the Turkish armed forces, 350 from the general command of gendarmerie, 341 from the Religious Affairs Directorate [Diyanet], 245 from the Justice Ministry, 61 from the police.”

The decree 695 also shuttered 7 associations, 7 foundations, 2 newspapers and a private company.

For the full list: KHK Liste 1

Also, according to the government decree, No. 696, people who were imprisoned over “offenses against Constitutional order” are now required to wear dusty orange and gray jumpsuits.

“Those behind bars who were convicted of offences against the Constitutional order and who were arrested pending trial over similar charges will be brought to the court hearings in dusty orange and gray jumpsuits,” the government decree, No. 696, read.