Rod Nordland from New York Times were banned from entering Turkey on Tuesday, the latest of such pressure against journalist whether be foreigner or local.

New York Times reported on Tuesday that Nordland was detained by border officials at İstanbul Atatürk Airport and forced to take a flight back to London.

Veteran journalist was also denied an explanation as to why he had been refused entry to the country.

The newspaper’s vice president and deputy general counsel David McCraw said it was the first time that a New York Times correspondent had been denied entry into Turkey.

The Contemporary Journalists Association (ÇGD) said this week that Turkey currently keeps 142 journalists under arrest. Meanwhile, several other journalists are also under detention.

A total of 195 media outlets have been shut down by the government since the July 15 coup attempt with around 2,500 media personnel left unemployed.

The New York Times has recently announced that it started to hide identities of its reporters in Turkey.

A number of foreign nationals including lawyers, politicians and journalists have been denied entry to Turkey in the recent past.