Bergül Varan, a Turkish woman who was briefly detained over terror charges said police tore out her hair with Ottomans military band, widely known as Mehter, playing in the background during detention.

“They rooted out my hair and dance with Mehter march” Varan said elaborating on police violence under detention.

Detained along with 13 others after a raid by anti-terror police on the İdil Culture Centre in Istanbul, Bergul spent 8 days before she was released on June 6.

“We were subjected to heavy torture. They forced us into a riot police car after the raid on the culture center. They kept us waiting inside for 2-3 hours. Torture started back there in the first place,” Varan stated.

“They looked like they had been prepared for this. They looked like they had come up with a new method for it. They held my hair and root them out. They were waving my pulled-out hair on their hands and dancing with Mehter march. They threw my hair around. The seat was covered with my hair,” she told Arti Gercek news portal.

Varan added that another detainee had his/her eardrum ruptured and that the other one got a black eye as a result of police torture.

“They kept us at the Anti-Terror Department for 8 days for recovery from injuries, she further explained.

Human rights groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch earlier stated that they had received credible evidence of detainees in Turkey being subjected to beatings and torture, including rape, since the failed coup on July 15.

Last month, Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Şafak Pavey also said there is widespread maltreatment, insult and torture of inmates in Turkish prisons after visiting some of them.