Barış Manço and Cem Karaca, two of the most legendary singers in the history of the Turkish Republic, were linked to Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen and  therefore served the Gulen movement for years, claimed Turkish producer Erol Köse, during TV show late on Aug 23.

“I will come up with proofs showing that they were Gulenists,” Köse added.

Both singers were so popular among people of all ages, including children, who adored them for their songs and his ability to communicate with the young on television and in their lives.

Manco died from a heart attack in 1999, while Karaca passed away in 2004.

Their songs were translated and sung in Romania, Greece, Iran, Bulgaria, the Arab countries, the Caucasian and Central Asian Turkish republics of the former Soviet Union and in Japan and Korea.

Especially, Manco was known as Turkey’s cultural ambassador to the countries of the Far East, because he was widely traveler, and had a long running tourism program on Turkish state television between 1970s and 90s.