“Sancak Özdemir is one of the rare nuclear engineers with a PhD degree, who grew up in Turkey. While he was at the top of his career serving as the vice chairman of Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK), he was jailed following three-line anonymous letters.

Devoted a life to Turkish nation and its future, Özdemir had his both kidneys lost their function due to a busy routine filled with daily schedule and overseas meetings. Following an aggressive treatment period, he barely recovered when his beloved wife donated one of her kidneys to Özdemir.

As kidney patients may know, transplant is just the beginning of a lifelong process. It is tightly scheduled when and what to eat, how much calories those with transplant may consume and even when to go bed and to wake up, everyday. They take 10 different medicines. With utmost attention on hygiene and sterilization, they should live away from stress.

Özdemir stayed on duty even though he had had a right to be retired following his transplant surgery, for the sake of his institution and the country. Up until 15 days ago when an anonymous tip consisting of three to five lines at most [informed authorities about his alleged affiliation to the Gulen Movement. Police raided his home at 3 in the morning without letting him take his medicines and medical report with himself. He was taken to the unknown. He was persecuted for nothing for 15 days, not allowed to use his medicines and so to speak he was left to die in an awful situation. 

Even the prosecutor showed some mercy and stated that he may be released on probation, after such period. But an AKP militant judge ordered Özdemir’s arrest. For what? On what evidence? The answer: Nothing!

What a pity for Turkey! It is our country and future that are gone…”


*Turkey Purge translated and published this letter on the condition of anonymity of its writer.