More than one million people took to Twitter over the weekend to call on Turkish authorites to release purge-victim prisoners across the country to stem Covid-19.

Turkey’s overcrowded, unhygienic prisons are a perfect breeding ground for the pandemic.

Turkish government is reportedly preparing a judicial reform package, which includes the release of thousands of prisoners to stem Covid-19. The reform package, however, isn’t expected to include political prisoners who are being held in pre-trial detention over so-called “terror” links. In other words, thousands of purge-victims are exempted

Turkey has a total of 384 prisons.

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced on Saturday that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus reached 7,402 in the last 24 hours, while the death toll increased to 108, with 16 more deaths.

Based on figures provided by the Justice Ministry, 229,790 people are in prisons with a total capacity of 207,339. Only 141,802 out of the 229,790 have been convicted of a crime.

Another report last year stated that the total prison population had exceeded 224,000 while prison capacity is 202,000.