The number of Turkey-based journalists who have lost their jobs since July 15, has reached 3,000, bringing up the total number of unemployed media personnel to edge above 10,000.

The landmark threshold of 10,000 accounts for one third of the total employment in Turkey’s media sector, according to the the Journalists Union of Turkey (TGS).

In a press conference on Monday, TGS said the number of unemployed journalists, according to official data, were already as high as 7,000 prior to the July 15. Already seized by the government before the coup attempt, Turkey’s once biggest selling newspaper Zaman is among those shut down in the aftermath of the failed putsch.

With the government decrees issued following the coup attempt, around 3,000 journalists have become jobless, TGS head Uğur Güç said.

The press meeting was joined by other media unions as well as by representatives from 23 TV and radio channels that were closed by the latest government decree announced on Sept. 29.

More than 180 media outlets have been shut down over alleged links to either Gulen movement of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Turkish government holds the movement responsible for the July 15 coup attempt despite successive denials from the latter.

The Prime Ministry’s Media Press and Information General Directorate (BYEGM) had already cancelled 115 permanent press cards and 660 press cards until the latest decree. Turkish media reported that journalists working for those 23 media outlets also began to receive cancellation messages from BYEGM.

Turkish journalists holding grey service passports are obliged to apply for authorisation from the BYEGM to travel abroad under emergency rules.