Ibrahim Uzun, an outspoken critic of the Darica municipality in Kocaeli, has said his bedridden mother was denied ambulance service just because of his criticism to the local administration.

Elected as the Darica mayor on the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) ticket, Sukru Karabacak told Uzun that he is not serving someone that is criticizing the municipality on social media.

“As someone despitefully criticizes the one that serves him… I am not giving public service to you. Now, get off!” Karabacak told Uzun on the phone.

Uzun shared the details on his Facebook account stating that doctors recommended his mother to be taken from Darica Farabi State Hospital to a more equipped one.

“We were not able to drive her in our own car she is a dialysis patient with inflammatory articular rheumatism and advanced osteoporosis. She is not supposed to move any part of her body. We needed an ambulance for this reason. “

Uzun said they (his father and himself) directly called mayor in bid to get around possible red tape and save time before getting an ambulance.