Mehmet Takmaklı and Zeynel Abidin Takmakli, the owners of Turkey’s leading freezer company, Ugur have been sentenced to 7.5 years in prison on charge of membership to a terror group.

Media reported Monday that the two were convicted of being a member of the Gulen movement, which the Turkish government sees a terrorist organization, a claim the group denies.

Four others from the same family were given 3 years plus 45 days in jail on accusation of lending support to the movement, media noted.

An Aydın court ruled to seize Uğur along with 47 other enterprises over their alleged links to the Gulen movement in October, 2017. Unal Takmakli, the founder of the company who was jailed in July, 2016 on similar charges, died of heart attack in prison in November, 2016.

The government blames the Gulen movement for the July 15, 2016 coup attempt while the group denies any role.

Nearly 1,000 companies with a total value of $12 billion in assets have been seized and then transferred to TMSF since the coup attempt. The companies in question were mostly targeted as part of the government crackdown against the movement.