Police officers are torturing detainees late at night when most of other staff left to their homes, according to another police officer who was detained after being dismissed from his job.

Turkey’s Human Rights Association (IHD) co-chair Ozturk Turkdogan told Al-Monitor commentary portal in a May 15 article that policemen do not shy away from torturing anybody once the latter is imprisoned as part of the post-coup crackdown.

A police officer who was dismissed from his job over alleged ties to the Gulen movement, which the government accuses of masterminding the July 15 coup attempt, on Apr 26, 2017.

Detained in the aftermath of his dismissal, the former officer said in a letter to IHD that groups of 15 detainees were kept in 6-square-meter (64-square-feet) rooms under police custody.

“Late at night, when most of the staff was gone, policemen would come and take the detainees one by one to a special room for interrogation, stripping them naked, hooding them with plastic bags and threatening sexual assault with bottles,” Al-Monitor said in reference to the former officer’s letter.

“Two detainees who got sick kept vomiting for days, but were denied medical treatment,” the officer maintained.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch earlier said that Turkey’s post-coup detainees are often subjected to torture, rape and other physical maltreatment.