Zübeyir Öksüz, cousin of Adil Öksüz, a major suspect in the investigations into the July 15 coup attempt has been detained, adding up to a group of people jailed over their family ties to the latter.

Detention warrants were issued for 87 people who are alleged to have ties with Izmir-based business associations that had been earlier closed under post-coup emergency rule. Police carried out operations Izmir, Istanbul, Iğdır, Muğla and Kütahya, detaining 56 including Zübeyir Öksüz on Thursday.

Öksüz was detained at İzmir’s Adnan Menderes Airport.

Critics often blast the government for a massive purge it is carrying out that violates the principle of individual criminal responsibility. Meanwhile, question marks are yet to simmer down also over accusations against Adil Öksüz as he was released after being detained immediately after the coup attempt.

Turkish government has so far detained 80,000 people and arrested 40,000 over the faintest –true or alleged– links to the Gülen movement, which it blames for the coup attempt.