Newly emerged video footage shows the moment Turkish police used water cannons to disperse scores of Kurdish protestors while performing a Friday prayer on June 21 in the Yüksekova district of Hakkari province.

Amed Dicle, a pro-Kurdish journalist, posted the 1.50-min video on Twitter with a note that read: “Here is the Yüksekova district of Palestine and Israeli police attack Kurds during Friday prayer.”

Dİcle’s comment came as a clear criticism to the Turkey’s reaction against the Israeli government that had installed some metal detectors at the holy compound after assailants killed two Israeli police officers last weekend.

The Muslim religious body that has authority over the site announced that the metal detectors were an attempt to change the status quo and called on worshipers not to enter the site. Since then, violent clashes between Israeli soldiers and Muslim protestors have been going on at the compound.

Hundreds of pro-government Turkish twitter users have been criticizing the Israeli government on social media for days. In the meantime, a group of ultranationalists affiliated with the Alperen Hearths, an offshoot of the Turkish nationalist movement called the Grey Wolves (Ülkü Ocakları), gathered in front of the Neve Shalom synagogue in İstanbul on Thursday night and kicked the synagogue’s gates while throwing stones in protest of Israel’s security measures at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.