A Turkish man, jailed over alleged links to the Gulen movement, was reportedly tortured under custody while police threatened to rape his wife during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to Odatv columnist Muyesser Yildiz on Sunday, the man reported to be hailin from southeastern Turkey, was forced by the prosecutor in charge to act as a witness against some other suspects, also accused of links to the Gulen movement.

During his testimony to the prosecutor, he allegedly admitted to having links to the movement and give up some other names he knows to be affiliated with Gulenists in the city.

“I showed the people who I know, on the computer. Then they said: ‘Jailed coup plotters will be sentenced in any case. Mention their names in your testimony and you are free.’ They showed their pictures and I said: ‘Yes, I know.’ Even the suspects’ names are written by them,” the man said during a court hearing last month.

In response to the judge’s question asking whether he is changing his testimony taken by the prosecutor, the man added: “Sir, I am a member of the movement. They detained me. Then they detained my wife and showed her to me from the next door. They took our kids and transferred to the Child Protection Institution. After days of torture, they said: ‘We will break our [Ramadan] fast with your wife.’ I asked what they wanted. They said: ‘In addition to what you have already said, we will show pictures of some people, and you will say you know them. You will sign the testimony. We will first release your wife and then, if you repeat this testimony before the court, set you free. I was forced to sign it. I am about to go nuts. I have been getting psychological treatment for some time,” he said.

Yildiz said the court hearing had to be repeated due to a problem in the SEGBIS, a voice informatics system used to record court hearings.

During the rescheduled hearing a week later, the man said he knows all the suspects charged in the case.

Yildiz said the man failed to answer detailed questions like where the suspects are from and where they would meet up.

“Last but not the least,” Yildiz said, “another suspect requested permission from the judge and said the man has never mentioned his name and that he has nothing to do with him,” a controversial statement followed by a weird question from the man, “Did I give your name too?”