In a scandalous news report the pro-government news channel NTV portrayed the sketch of an electronic circuit board as a prison break map of inmates who are imprisoned for real or alleged ties to the Gülen movement.

The story that NTV, owned by Doğuş Holding, called a special report, bears the title “The collective prison break of FETÖ revealed,” accompanied by a photo of an alleged escape plan that turned out to be the drawing of an electronic circuit board.

The government coined the term “FETÖ” to label the Gülen movement as a terrorist organization, and the term is abundantly used by almost all media outlets in Turkey despite the lack of any court verdict proving the existence of such an organization.

Since a failed coup on July 15, as part of a massive purge Turkey has arrested tens of thousands of citizens for their alleged ties to the Gülen movement based on guilt by association only. Following the arrests, the pro-government media has been running stories of possible uprisings in prisons although not a single act of resistance against detentions or arrests has taken place. Such stories raise concerns of mass killings of inmates in an effort to exterminate Gülen movement followers in prisons as final step of the massive purge.

Earlier, a reported for pro-gov’t media flagship, ATV presented the game codes for a Grand Theft Auto IV game that he found in the trash as the secret communication codes for the coup attempt.

This article originally appeared in Turkish Minute on Nov. 4.