Fatih Tezcan, a pro-government public speaker and columnist, teaches his 2-year-old son hatred in a video he posted on social media on Jan. 1, gives high fives as a reward for profanity and wishes for the death of Turkish scholar Fethullah Gülen.

During his 35-second video, Tezcan curses the US-based Gülen and high fives when his son reacts with delight to his wish that Gülen is going to die in 2017.

Here is what Tezcan said:

“Son, is he a scumbag?
Is he dishonorable?
Is he a trickster?
Even a 2-year-old kid says this scumbag is a scumbag.
Son, when he dies, they are going to blow up his grave, right?
Son, he is going to die in 2017, right?”