Pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party’s (HDP) Bingol deputy Idris Baluken was put in pretrial detention in the same prison with the prosecutors who launched investigation against him, according to the Baluken’s lawyer.

The prosecutors Ramazan Alptekin, Ahmet Karaca, Uğur Özcan and Hakan Ceran, who had earlier launched anti-terror investigation against Baluken, were removed from their jobs over alleged ties to the Gulen movement in the aftermath of the July 15,2016 failed coup, and were later jailed in Sincan prison in Ankara.

“Idris Baluken has been staying along with those prosecutors in the same prison. This is a scandal. Is this justice?” Baluken’s lawyer Reyhan Yalçındağ Baydemir said according to media on Thursday.

Turkish government accuses the Gulen movement of instigating a failed coup in the summer of 2016 while the group denies involvement.

Starting from the very aftermath of the failed putsch, the government has been wielding a sweeping crackdown against its dissidents including Gulenists, liberals, Kurdish minority and others from many opposition circles. Baluken is only one of the pro-Kurdish politicians who were caught in the government’s post-coup dragnet.

Meanwhile, some 60,000 people were remanded in prison over Gulen links, among them prosecutors, judges, lawyers, academics, journalists, teachers, doctors, policemen and military officers.