Pro-Kurdish football club Cizrespor players and managers were subjected to racist insults before they were physically attacked by fans and personnel of the opponent Bayburt Grup Özel İdare Gençlikspor (Bayburt GÖİ), and police officers.

Cizrespor faced Bayburt GÖİ on a fourth division away encounter on Sunday. While the pro-Kurdish team lost 2-1 to Bayburt GÖİ, its vice president Maruf Sevinç said the team was targeted in racist insults and physical attacks.

Cizre is a Kurdish-majority district in Turkey’s border province of Şırnak.

“At first, opponent team personnel attacked us with racist words and insults. Even though we lost 2-1 at the end of the game, 4 executives approached to our corridor and started a quarrel with our players and beat them up.”

When the tension was increased, police intervened according to Duvar news portal.

“Police battered us and our footballers with their batons,” Sevinç said adding that violence by police outweighed that of the opponent team members.

Assistant coach Abdülkerim Koç, goalkeeper coach Resül Özturan, club masseur İsmail Öztürk, and players Ali Karaağaç, Onur Nazmi Terzioğlu and Ebubekir Şentürk were injured as a result of attacks, Duvar reported.