A document recently issued by a prosecutor’s office in Trabzon stated that there is no ground to investigate a torture complaint since there is impunity under state of emergency for police officers.

A few minor Turkish news portals published the document on Sunday displaying the reasoning for dropping charges against police officers who allegedly tortured a plaintiff under detention.

However, the prosecutor’s office in Trabzon province stated that given the impunity granted by the article 9 in decree number 667, the police officers cannot be held accountable for their actions.

The prosecutor’s office issued the decision on January 5 stating that no public investigation is deemed possible as suspects can not be subject to investigation.

Turkey issued several decrees in the wake of July 15 coup attempt restricting people’s rights to access lawyers, allowing detention periods up to 30 days and granting impunity to public officials.

However, according to international law and norms, there is no statue of limitations for torture crimes.

Turkey has jailed over 40 thousand people in its post-coup purge amid credible reports of torture and mistreatment under detention and in prisons.

(Turkish Minute)