In Turkey’s post-coup crackdown

from the ministry of education

from Security General Directorate

from the Ministry of Justice

local authorities

from Ministry of Health

from the Directorate of Religious Affairs

military officers

from the Ministry of Interior

from Radio and Television Supreme Council

from Turkish Radio and Television Corporation

Cadet (military)**

from the Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs

from the Prime Ministry


judges, prosecutors

from Capital Markets Board

Department of revenue administration

from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

from Ministry of Customs and Trade

from the Undersecretariat of Treasury

from the Housing Development Administration

from Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency

from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

from the Ministry of Finance

from the Directore of Land and Cadastre

from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization

from Ministry of Energy

from the Ministry of Development

from the Ministry of Youth and Sports

from the Ministry of Economy

from Turkish Court of Accounts

from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology

from Turkish Satellite Inc. (Turksat A.Ş.)

from Development Bank

from the Social Security Institution

from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

from Energy Market Regulatory Authority

from Turkish Statistical Institute

from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

from the Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority

from the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (The Parliament)

from the council of state

from the Ministry of Transportation

Turkish National Lottery Administration

from the Sugar Factory

from the Ministry of EU Affairs

from the Ministry of Family and Social Policies

from the Ministry of Labor

from the Turkish Airlines

from the Defence Ministry

from the Information and Communication Technologies Authority

from the Immigration Authority

from the General Directorate of PTT

from the Turkish Standards Institute

from the Employment Agency

from the Council of Higher Education

from the Competition Authority

from the Public Procurement Authority

dismissed from profession

  • Gov’t decree no. 668 —
  • Gov’t decree no. 669 —
  • Gov’t decree no. 670 —
  • Gov’t decree no. 672 –
  • Gov’t decree no. 675 —
  • Gov’t decree no. 677 —
  • Gov’t decree no. 679-1 —
  • Gov’t decree no. 679-2 –
  • Gov’t decree no. 679-3 —
  • Gov’t decree no. 686 —
  • Gov’t decree no. 689 —


** 4,090 from military high schools, 6,140 from noncommissioned officers colleges and 6,179 from university-level military schools.

In Turkey’s post-coup crackdown







trade unions

media outlets

3,520 entities shut down