Tacettin Toprak, a 32-year-old purge victim cancer patient, has finally been released from prison. Yet, according to HDP Deputy Gergerlioğlu, it is too late as Mr Toprak is now too ill to treat and living his last days in an intensive care unit.

Gergerlioğlu tweeted Tuesday that Toprak who has been diagnosed with bladder cancer months ago, was finally released on last Saturday.

“Here is the latest update regarding the Tacettin Toprak who suffers from urinary bladder cancer. He was denied release for three times. Finally release, but living his last days,” Gergerlioğlu tweeted.

In another tweet last week, Gergerlioğlu said even though Mr. Toprak was diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer that arises from the tissues of the urinary bladder, three different Turkish courts had ruled for the continuation of his imprisonment.