Mustafa Ulaşlı, a Turkish academic with a PhD thesis on Coronavirus disease, has called on Turkish authorities to reinstate him to his job as part of efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country.

“I’m probably the only person with a Phd thesis on Coronavirus in Turkey. Although I was acquitted of all charges, I have been sidelined for 3.5 years. When do you think this mistake will be corrected?” Ulaşlı tweeted.

Turkey dismissed more than 130,000 public servants in the aftermath of a failed coup in 2016 over alleged links to terrorist groups. Ulaşlı, an associate professor,  was among them. He says he was acquatted of all charges by a Turkish court last year.

The OHAL Commission was established in summer 2017 to adjudicate appeals against the government decrees dismissing civil servants.

The commission had as of Dec. 31, 2019 rejected 88,700 applications out of the 126,300 it has processed since its establishment.

The commission said it is continuing to assess the remaining 28,000 applications. A total of 98,300 applications have been adjudicated by the commission thus far, of which only 9,600 have been concluded in favor of the applicants.