Bahadır Çakır, a police officer with 16 years of experience before he was dismissed from job under Turkey’s post-coup purge, got shot but hopefully not killed during a brutal attack in Istanbul’s Reina, the nightclub where he has started working for daily wage very recently.

According to Milliyet daily, Çakır was dismissed from his job as part of an investigation into the Gülen movement, which the government accuses of masterminding a coup attempt on July 15.

“He was fired from his job at the police department as well as he failed to find another employment due to the same reason,” his brother Baki Çakır told Milliyet.

It has been a common occurrence that Turkish business owners tend not to hire people who lost their jobs under the post-coup emergency rule.

“He found an overnight job at this nightclub which agreed to pay TL 160. He had been unemployed for some time and has three kids to look after; that’s why he got the job. One of his children is a cardiac patient and the other one is leukemia patient,” Baki added.

Turkish government has deliberately caused 120,000 people to lose their jobs over their alleged or real ties to the movement since July 15. Also, 80,000 people have been detained and 40,000 arrested. The movement denies involvement in the coup attempt.

He said doctors, only after three days, managed to stop an internal bleeding inside Çakır’s body, caused by a bullet that also destroyed some parts of his liver

A mass shooting killed at least 39 people and injured 70 others during the New Year celebrations at the prestigious Reina nightclub in İstanbul’s Besiktas district early Jan. 1, 2017. While the perpetrator/s is yet to be known despite 6 days passed, the terrorist ISIL claimed responsibility for the attack.