A total of 189 journalists passed through police custody in Turkey while 58 of them were remanded in prison in 2017, according to a recent report by the Free Journalists Initiative (ÖGİ).

In its “Report on the Violations of Media Freedom in 2017,” ÖGİ said Wednesday that 165 journalists are still behind bars pending trial in Turkey.

189 separate complaints were filed against journalists last year, ÖGİ said 58 journalists were imprisoned as a result of those cases.

Below are some other media violations reported in 2017 by ÖGİ’s report.

  • 35 media outlets were closed with post-coup emergency decrees.
  • Access to 37 news websites were banned.
  • 25 journalists were fired from their media institutions.
  • Press cards of 100 journalists were revoked.
  • 81 journalists got 183 years, 4 days and 18 days of jail time in addition to TL 333,120 ($95,000) fine in total.
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