Former police chief İsmail Ülker, 42, has died of colon cancer after he spent 23 months in pre-trial detention, media reported Sunday.

Jailed over his alleged ties to the Gulen movement in July, 2016, Ulker was denied release from prison despite his successive requests. Having spent 23 months behind bars pending trial, he was taken to a hospital for his cancer treatment only a month ago.

TR724 online news portal said the court overseeing his case had earlier turned down his requests for release even though he had provided several medical reports indicating that he needed treatment at a hospital.

Ulker reportedly passed away on Sunday.

Sources claimed that Ulker was earlier removed from his job as a police officer in Turkey’s Kilis.

Turkish government accuses Gulen movement for the July 15, 2016 failed coup while the latter denies involvement. More than 160,000 people have been detained and 90,000 have been put in pre-trial detention over Gulen links since the summer of 2016.