Four people were detained after they stood out against a government-employed, local imam who had asked worshippers to pray for Turkey’s offensive in the Syrian city of Afrin during a Friday sermon.

Media reported that a group of worshippers left the Friday prayer at Feqıyê Teyran mosque in Diyarbakir’s Kayapinar district when the imam praised the Turkish offensive in Afrin and asked the congregation to pray for Turkey’s troops involved in the operation.

Upon a complaint to the police with regards to the incident, four people were taken into custody, according to media.

Pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy Ziya Pir confirmed on Twitter on Friday that hundreds of people left the mosque due to a “political sermon” and that at least four people were detained.

Last week, Turkish troops entered Afrin area, which is controlled by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) extension PYD.

While most political parties in Turkey welcomed the offensive, dozens of people including several journalists have been detained for criticizing it since then.