Turkish singer Sıla Gençoğlu some of whose concerts have been cancelled due to her critical statements about a democracy rally held earlier this month, has another of her concert be cancelled, Cumhuriyet daily reported on Sunday.

The young singer refused to attend the democracy rally held in Istanbul on Aug.7 against a failed coup attempt on July 15. She said: “I am absolutely against the coup but I do not prefer to be inside such a show.”

Following her remarks, Gençoğlu attracted huge criticism and even attacks from pro-government circles, which led to the cancellation of some of her concerts by local authorities

The singer’s concert scheduled to take place at Bodrum Antique Theatre on Sept.3 has also been cancelled with local authorities’ citing some renovation work at the theatre as the reason and saying that it will be closed on Sept. 3.

Serkan Güney, manager of the singer, confirmed the cancellation, saying: “Some say that the final decision will be made on Monday. But I have already received written decision saying that the concert has been cancelled.”

When faced with growing criticism due to her remarks, Gençoğlu did not take a backward step and wrote from her Twitter account: “Of course those who wanted to take it wrong did so but I stand by my words. Do not we say democracy? Well, I expressed my opinion and said what I thought.”

Melih Gökçek, mayor of Ankara, was among those who publicly targeted the singer from his Twitter account, saying: “Ankara’s doors are closed for you from now on.”

The article originally appeared in Turkish Minute on August 28.