Two people, detained over alleged links to the Gulen movement have said during their hearing before the judge that they were threatened with rape while under custody at Ankara police department.

According to translation of their statements by the Stockholm Center for Freedom, police threatened the two with rape by baton.

“A victim, a teacher by profession and identified only with initials S.K. (43), was referred to the court for a formal arrest on May 6. He said he and the other two suspects were taken one by one to a room of a police chief in organized crime unit in Ankara police department. Here, people who identified themselves as ‘we are the State’ took off my clothes and left me naked. They threatened me with a rape by police baton. In the meantime, they hurled all kinds of insults and threats. I just wanted to state these facts. I demand my release.”


“Another victim identified as Y.S. (46) who is a doctor by profession said he was detained on Wednesday by a police from the organized crime unit and kept in a dark room with kneeled down position. “I was subjected to insults and violence. Then, I was stripped off my clothes and taken to a bathroom where I was harassed by police baton and threatened with a rape. Later they brought me back to the same room. Police told me “we’ll see you tomorrow”. My psychology went bad. On Thursday night, I was taken back again. They told me to use repentance law and I gave some statements under pressure to free myself from there, not to be subjected to torture and violence again. But these statements were not true.”