Once an inspiring educator to his pupils, a Batman teacher was detained with her hands cuffed behind back as a perceived enemy of the state, his wife said in a letter to Turkish media on

With the names of both the teacher and his wife remaining anonymous, the details of a recent police raid on their home and the information she gives in the letter sweep out credibility concerns.

Dismissed over his alleged links to the Gülen movement, the teacher was tortured under custody, according to his wife, who was also mocked by police during the raid.

Turkish government accuses the movement of masterminding the July 15, 2016 coup attempt and has detained more than 120,000 people over links to the movement so far. Several human rights organizations have reported torture and maltreatment in some detention centres across the country.

“[What I explain in this letter] are neither stories from a horror movie nor from a battle scene. These are not the things that a human being would see fit to do to another human. But they did all these and Bartin provincial police chief Isa Aydogdu, KOM [Anti-smuggling and organized crime] Department head Tolga Sipahi, police officers Ahmet Kiyak, Ilkay Boynuegri, Ayhan Celik and another police officer named Ozcan and three other policemen that we do not know the identities of are responsible for all,” the wife says.

“Our door was kicked at 7 in the morning. They were so crazy that they didn’t even hear voice asking who was knocking the door. There were no appropriate clothes on me so my husband opened the door. They immediately broke into the house and swooped on my husband. While I and my children were shaking out of fear, they blew him down, stepped on his back with their boots and detained him with his hands cuffed behind back.

“When I shouted: ‘Leave my husband, you thugs!’ Ilkay Boynuegri said: ‘Better be scared of us, you traitor! I am the judge, I am the prosecutor, I am the God, God! I can do whatever I want to your husband’ before he attempted to pinch my cheek. I pushed his hand. I was in a shock.

“Even though our house was turned upside down, they wanted me to sign a report claiming that they did no harm to the place. I did not want to sign it. Then a police officer named Ayhan held my headscarf, pulling my hair and said: ‘Shut up and sign this report!’

“We couldn’t hear from my husband for 13 days.

After spending 29 days under custody, the teacher was put in pre-trial detention where he has turned his 10th month by June.

The wife says her husband were tortured before being put under pre-trial arrest. She quoted his husband as saying: “Ayhan Celik was hitting on my testicles. The pain in my testicles continued for a month. I may not be able to be a father again.”

According to the wife, police officers tortured the teacher to find out who else are the followers of the Gulen movement in Bartin.