This Turkish family — Esra, Abdurrahman and their 20-month old son Muaz — has been in İzmir’s Şakran Prison since November 17, 2021 over alleged links to the Gulen group, which the Turkish government accuses of masterminding a coup attempt in 2016. The group denies any involvement.

According to Turkish journalist Sevinç Özarslan, Abdurrahman has been held in the prison’s section allocated for male prisoners while Muaz has been staying with his mother in the same prison’s female section.

The number of children accompanying their mothers in prison skyrocketed in Turkey in the aftermath of a coup attempt in July 2016. According to a statement from Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu in 2021, a total of 622,646 people have been the subject of investigation and 301,932 have been detained, while 96,000 others have been jailed due to alleged links to the Gülen group, accused by the Turkish government of orchestrating the coup attempt. The minister said there are currently 25,467 people in Turkey’s prisons who were jailed on alleged links to the group.