Detained for allegedly making terror propaganda on behalf of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on August, world-known Turkish writer and human rights activist Aslı Erdoğan was arrested on Friday.

Police raided the Özgür Gündem daily’s Istanbul headquarters and detained more than 24 journalists while temporarily closing the newspaper, on August 16.

While some 22 of them were released on August 18, the court ruled on the arrest of Erdoğan.

Turkey has closed more than 130 media outlets since the July 15 failed coup attempt, stirring concerns that the coup investigations were used to lock down dissenting voices. About 75 journalists are currently held under custody with most of them detained over alleged terror charges.

Columnist at Özgür Gündem and the writer of seven novels, –some of them translated into foreign languages– Erdoğan has become the latest victim of such purge.

A group of more than 100 writers from Turkey have released a statement calling on Turkish authorities to end its increasing crackdown on freedom of expression and Human rights in the country, PEN International said on Friday.

Free Thought Can Not Be Silenced!

Aslı Erdoğan Is Not Alone! 

Having survived a coup attempt, Turkey is now drifting towards a new oppressive regime. Journalists, academics and writers are being sacked, arrested, and exposed to torture.

One of the latest targets is the author Aslı Erdoğan. 

The oppression aimed at silencing her voice is an attack on free thought.

We are reclaiming that voice.

It is not the authors but the politicians who need to make a choice.

Will they live with oppression and persecution, or will they choose democracy and fraternity?

We will always stand up for fraternity and peace, and we will keep on expressing our free thoughts,” read the statement.