A total of 322 companies are being closed down by the government over their alleged links to US-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gülen, whom the government accuses of masterminding the July 15 coup attempt, pro-government Sabah daily said on Friday.

Meanwhile, Turkish authorities put another 627 firms under scrutiny over their indirect ties the scholar.

The confiscated properties of implicated companies worth around TL 750 million, Sabah added.

Turkey survived a military coup attempt on July 15 which killed some 240 people and wounded a thousand others. While the government accuses the Gülen of masterminding the putsch, he has repeatedly repudiated such claims, condemning any intervention into democratically-elected administrations.

Many businessmen with alleged ties to the Gülen Movement, which inspired from the teachings of Gülen, had their companies already seized or put under temporary government control.